TYPO3 CMS is an open-source, GPL-licensed enterprise content management (ECM). It is based on PHP and MySQL database (as a default, other databases may be used as well). Well developed, scalable, TYPO3 CMS is often compared to commercial solutions of the same type and, in many cases, excelling them.

Key features:

  • open source – the system is free, it may be used and expanded free of charge.
  • number of people engaged in system’s development – currently two teams of programmers are involved in TYPO3 development.
  • security – TYPO3 Security Team controls the safety of the kernel and its vital extensions. For many clients choosing TYPO3 security is one of the most important aspects!
  • regular updates – system versions offered to our clients are labeled “Long Time Support”. It means regular updates that will successfully remove any existing bugs and make the system more secure.
  • TYPO3 does not regulate or restrict your web page or application content. Our site may serve as a perfect example!
  • Multiple services - one TYPO3 installation. – One system may include many services and subservices of different colour schemes and elements positioning. Many domains may direct to them. Content management becomes much easier.
  • Language versions – It’s one of the biggest advantages. Support for language versions means faster implementation and minimal costs. Russian, Chinese or any other version does not constitute a problem anymore.
  • Support – TYPO3 community becomes greater continuously. In case of any problems there is a high chance that someone has had the same problem before and the solution has been already found!
  • TYPO3 has been chosen by many big companies:

    • Air France
    • Airbus
    • Bayer
    • Bianchi
    • Echo Investment
    • Greenpeace
    • InPost
    • Konica Minolta
    • Lufthansa
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Pizza Hut
    • PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
    • Real
    • Synthos S.A.
    • Unesco

    You’re in good company!

  • TYPO3 CMS was considered a complicated, difficult to use system. With the development there appeared more possibilities of adjusting management panel to application’s complexity and user preferences. See Simple! tutorials!
  • Choice flexibility – If you’re not satisfied with the work of your current partner, you can always change it. It is much easier than with commercial or proprietary product.
  • TYPO3 or Drupal – this question is often posed by people searching for the right solution. The proper question should be: what is best for you and your business? We hope it’s TYPO3!
  • TYPO3 is not only a CMS. There is an ongoing work to create TYPO3 NEOS – a product based on TYPO3 FLOW framework, a management system of new generation!