Mobile & Responsive Design

Dedicated solutions, created in a way to ensure full functionality, but also to make them legible and visually attractive regardless of the type of device they are displayed on, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop/computer.

Growing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and increasing need of fast searching for certain information makes mobile and responsive web pages still more successful. An Internet user entering a web page from their mobile device expects it to be adjusted to the device’s resolution. Hence, to increase a web page’s viewership, it is vital to implement a version dedicated for mobile devices.

The solutions we offer are created to ensure all versions full functionality and their clarity and visual attractiveness regardless of the device they are displayed on. We offer alternative solutions – mobile and responsive versions of web pages. A possibility of accurate planning of the way of displaying all elements on any device is a great advantage of a mobile application. Another example may be its small size, hence it loads much faster than traditional web pages. An advantage of the RWD solution, comparing to the ordinary one, is a good page positioning in search engines, which doesn’t require additional actions.

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