Intranet, applications and database systems

Applications for improving internal communication and business management

Efficient communication in a company and between companies is one of the most vital goals for every modern business. An essential part of this communication is sharing important data with multiple users and safety of transferred data at the same time. Because of this intranets and extranets are implemented in many companies. They are web applications based on databases, accelerating and improving communication, therefore enabling fast data processing and data analysis coming from different sources. Both solutions are very successful in large and medium businesses, increasing work effectiveness.

As an adjunct to the online solutions we offer implementation of desktop systems (systems installed on the hard drive). An advantage of such a system is the possibility of using it without Internet access. At the same time, like online solutions, local programs facilitate communication with internal and external clients.

All applications created at Simcode are adjusted to our clients’ needs. They are also intuitive, and, what is more important, equipped with number of security arrangements that prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.

At every step of creating the application we are there to help and recommend the best solutions for your business. Feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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