You’re not sure what’s the difference between an interactive agency and Internet software house? You’re not alone! In today’s dynamic interactive reality the boundaries between certain companies and business profile are not very clear. That’s why we won’t go on explaining and instead, we’ll just tell you what we do.

Our business profile mostly resembles one of an Internet Software House, more focused on the technical part of a project rather than the marketing part. Simcode’s offer includes services same as an interactive agency, but its spectrum is not as wide as that of an agency. Our strongest point is technological competence, so the core business remains creating web pages and applications. Other services are complimentary to the base service.

Simcode specializes in creating technically advanced and effective Internet solutions. We handle implementation and integration of web services, web portals, online stores, database and Internet applications, putting emphasis on solutions based on TYPO3 CMS. Our distinguishing feature remains creative and strong attitude towards front-end coding. We use the full potential of HTML5 and CSS3, so we can create solutions standing out as the most innovative, enhancing interactivity and ensuring high usability.

Simcode is a technological partner of many highly regarded companies and interactive agencies. In our work we stay focused on the technical aspects of implementation, at the same time not forgetting about attractive graphical interface. Therefore if you’re looking to have an Internet service made from A to Z, don’t look any further, you have found the right place.

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